“He (Jay Valenti) provided a quality home within the contracted time frame. He both provided suggestions and listened to our comment as the building process moved forward. After the home was finished, he attended to and completed the punch list… On the basis of my knowledge of and experience with Mr. Valenti, I can attest to his competency, ability and integrity.”

-Bill & Suzette D.

Valenti Homes Homeowner


“Jay Valenti has pioneered a name for himself and his homes in this area.A name that is proudly displayed in the MLS listings as the homes continue to go on the market for resale.
As a real estate agent I have worked with Jay Valenti for eighteen years, fifteen as his listing agent.
Valenti Homes has always raised the bar in our area with unique design and style with materials, textures and the occasional antique surprise.
Jay welcomes a meeting with the buyers/customers/agents as an opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns.
Jay Valenti and his staff will be a huge asset to any development.”

-Liz Burmaster, ABR, CRS, GRI

Real Estate Agent


“Mr. Valenti maintains a reputation in the community as a builder of quality custom and speculative homes… I have known Mr. Valenti to be a man of integrity and would offer my experience with him a recommendation…”

-Pamela S. Brown

Senior Vice President

Resource Bank


“Mr. Valenti has been a valued customer of our for many years and because of that long-term business relationship I feel that I am qualified to speak on his behalf… If I were asked to name one customer that displays the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, it would be Jay Valenti. Mr. Valenti has a rare combination of business acumen coupled with the highest level moral aptitude”

-Todd B. Dean, MBA


Quality Plumbing, Inc | Quality Mechanical, LLC


“My family is an owner of our home built by Valenti homes in Mandeville, LA. When my wife Laura and I were casually considering buying a larger home in 2002 before our second child was born, our decision became absolute and we knew exactly what home we would be raising our family in when we saw the Valenti home of our dreams. I was driving through an adjacent neighborhood, saw the home almost complete, recognized it as a Valenti home, and walked around looking in windows at it’s extensive features. I immediately called Laura, and told her to hop in the car and come see our next home. We had experienced that “ah-ha” moment many times before when looking at houses, but it would cool off within a few days. Within a week of seeing the house, we had finalized our agreement with Jay, and moved into our home in October of 2002. Since then, we have had ZERO regrets and are thrilled with Jay’s willingness to help whenever necessary.


The Valenti home has always been considered the cream of the crop due to the high quality that Jay demands, and making sure the extras are included in the house to make it more than most houses that are simply “spec” houses. Every Valenti house has unique features and we were thrilled to find one in the area that we wanted. It has by far been the best experience we have had with a builder. In fact, we really came to view Jay as a friend and not our “builder”. Whenever we had questions, Jay was always quick to answer and if necessary, pop in and look at anything we needed. Following a number of hurricanes (including Katrina) where minimal damage happened on the house, Jay always made it a high priority to help out, and get us access to his subcontractors and partners to address our issues. Every day when my feet hit the floor, or I return home from work, I feel proud that I have the unique pleasure of being in a Valenti home, and confident that if I ever need to move on, that my home’s value will be much higher than those around me due to the elevated quality and uniqueness. You cannot go wrong buying a Valenti home!”

-Rick & Laura G.

Valenti Homes Homeowner